What is STD? How Can You Safeguard Yourself Against the Disease

If a woman becomes sexually aroused, the clitoris becomes filled with blood, swell in size and its sensitivity increases. After orgasm, the clitoris will return to its normal size as the accumulated blood disperses. If she is not able to achieve an orgasm, blood may remain in the clitoral area and cause discomfort.

The male condom is what most people think of when the word condom is used. It is a simple latex sheath that is rolled on over the erect penis. The correct way to use a condom is to make sure that it is applied before contact with skin or mucous membranes. It provides a barrier between the mucous membrane surfaces of the sexual partners and therefore prevents the organism from being passed between the two people.

6) Pump up the penis: No, lifting weights with the penis is not necessary - or safe for that matter - but practicing Kegel exercises can actually improve a man’s sex life. When a man flexes his PC muscles, (the muscles can be found by interrupting the flow of urine) his pelvic area is strengthened, which not only helps with urinary incontinence, but also makes orgasms more powerful. To practice, flex the muscles for a slow count of 5 then relax them for a slow count of 5. Start with 3 sets of 10 reps each twice a day, and slowly add more reps as the muscles get stronger.

Unfortunately, semen is not the only bodily fluid involved in sexual intercourse and so a sore or cut, no matter how microscopic in size, can be enough to transmit the HIV virus and so blood, vaginal secretions etc. can all be enough to convey the infection.

In selecting the best contraceptive for a sexually active individual, one must be comfortable with what one uses. Abstinence is a great way to avoid pregnancy especially during the peak season of the month i.e. while ovulating. People equate this with doing away with intercourse altogether but it does not mean that one cannot indulge in foreplay to keep the fires burning. There is another method that has been effectively proven to be ideal for women, and that is the birth control shot which lasts for three months. The sponge contains spermicide and is made of plastic foam that is considerably soft and measures about two inches attached to a loop that can be removed after intercourse. The diaphragm is also another option, which is a dome- shaped cup made of silicone that covers the cervix entirely and effectively keeps the woman protected. This stops the sperms from moving towards any egg, thus preventing fertilization. The birth control patch is a relatively new entrant to this area of contraception. It can be stuck on any part of the body - the butt, back, stomach or outer arm for three weeks in a row and can be discontinued from the fourth week.